Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Aussie Rules? Isn't it rugby? It looks crazy!"

No, it's not rugby! Footy (also known as AFL, Aussie Rules or Australian Football) is a unique sport that is best described as a mixed between soccer and basketball with a dash of rugby. It's fast paced, exciting to watch and play, but most of all it's fun. In Montreal our new players come from sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, rugby and American football just to name a few. All of those sports have skills that transfer to footy. Just like ball hockey isn't quite the same as the NHL, our version of the game isn't as physical as the clips you've probably seen on Youtube, we just kept the spectacular stuff.

"Can I play? I don't really know the rules and I'm not that fit at the moment."

Yes. A majority of the players in our league are new to the game. Aussie Rules is a sport for everyone, every shape, size, skill and fitness level. From our self-confessed couch potatoes looking to try something new to our sports fanatics who want to one day play for Team Canada, we've got you covered.

"Where do you play?"

In season 2018 we will use Vanier College as our home field for both games and midweek practice (walking distance from Du College Metro). Our Winter Preseason training kicks off on March 4th and is held at College Andre Grasset.

We also participate in several tournaments throughout the year (did someone say ROAD TRIP!). These are optional league representative games (the entire league sends a single squad) and have included in the past games in Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

The biggest Aussie Rules tournament outside of Australia is the United States Nationals held in October each year, The league sends two representative teams and these games are held at a different city in the U.S. each year. It's an optional event, but one most players will tell you is not to be missed.

"Sounds expensive, what equipment do I need?"

A pair of cleats and a mouth guard. We provide you with the full kit, and in 2018 everyone will be issued team socks with their membership because, you know, sharing socks is a bit icky. If you'd like to own your own jersey and shorts the Blues can accommodate you (our jersey is kind of cool).


League fees are also extremely reasonable. The 2018 membership fees are still being finalised but in general, Aussie Rules will be the cheapest sport you can play this year (and the most fun, and the most welcoming, and the most awesomest). 

"I'm an Essendon Bombers fan in the AFL, can I join the Blues?"

You're probably a Bruins fan or even worse, a Leafs fan. Look, we tried our best to ban your kind from the league, there's even a team called the Laval Bombers in our competition! But we understand that in everyone's life you just want something better. That said, if you promise to not play your Justin Beiber too loudly on game day and bring your Orange Mocha Frappuccino in a spill proof cup, you're in. Don't push it though.