Social Co-Ed Non-Contact Aussie Rules

Footy For Everyone.

If you are new to the game, love footy but not the contact or simply want to enjoy a team sport but not have to commit to a game every week, Social Footy is for you. Short 'Mini-Seasons', an extremely positive atmosphere from your teammates and your opposition all while you are vying for the Social Premiership Cup. The drinks at the bar afterwards are almost as important as the game itself. Welcome to Social Footy.


What does a Social Footy Season Look Like?

Last season had six co-ed teams playing 7-a-side footy. Games were held once ever two weeks with three regular season matches and a playoff series (4 rounds of football in total spanning over 2 months). Players that were available for all matches became core roster players for their particular team. Any players that came on a 'drop-in' basis were treated as free agents and placed on whatever team needed them most that particular round. Lots of people played footy for the first time, lots of retired players came back for a kick. Most importantly, the games were close, exciting and heaps of fun. 

Social Footy Season 2.0 & 3.0 in 2020

In 2020 we plan to run two Social Footy seasons (Summer & Fall Seasons). Each season will consist of 4-6 matches and be played on Wednesday evenings after league practice. Social Footy Season 2.0 will kick off in May, but the league runs plenty of training sessions to sharpen your skills and build fitness before then. 

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The Class of 2019/2020 Social Footy Winter Season 1.0