Play Aussie Rules In Montreal In 2020

We're delighted to announce a new structure for Montreal Aussie Rules in 2020 that will include three tiers of footy so any player can find the right fit and get the most out of their footy experience.

Social Co-Ed Non-Contact Footy - If you are new to the game, love footy but not the contact or simply want to enjoy a team sport this summer but not have to commit to a game every week, Social Footy is for you. Short 'Mini-Seasons', an extremely positive atmosphere from your teammates and your opposition and drinks at the bar afterwards = Social Footy. The league is Co-ed.

AFL Quebec 9s - Looking for a competitive sport where the stakes are a little higher? AFL Quebec is for you. You'll be drafted into one of the existing teams and battle out the 2020 Premiership Season each Sunday in Montreal. Full contact, AFL Quebec is still a great place to learn the game even if you've never played before. The league has both a men's and women's division.

Representative Footy - Aussie Rules is an 18-a-side game in it's traditional format and as a league we select our best 22 players to represent Quebec as the 'Quebec Saints' (Men) and 'Montreal Angels' (Women). It's the highest level of footy here in Quebec and is played against teams in Ottawa, New York and Boston just to name a few. Each year we compete at the U.S. Nationals tournament where the best teams in North America square off. High level footy, unforgettable road trips, new friends from all over Canada and the USA and, best of all, open to anyone who wants to try it out.

If you want more information feel free to email and you'll be kicking a footy in Montreal in no time.